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The Scandinavian LCHF (low carbohydrate high fat) diet is not a 'crash' diet - lose weight and return to old bad habits. This is a 'change your lifestyle' diet and involves radically changing what you eat. In taking up the Scandinavian Diet your are not simply removing most carbohydrates from your diet but changing the way your metabloism works and the way it burns and stores fat.

"Eat as you were created to eat and you will get the body and health that you were created to have"

The Scandinavian Diet is how we humans were designed to eat. When you follow The Scandinavian Diet you will eat the natrual way you were meant to eat.

Let Victoria Aase, a licensed Scandinavian Diet Coach, hold your hand, take a look at her 6 weeks, online, step by step, coaching programme.

Victoria Aase

Victoria has extensive experience in personal development and Life Coaching. She is an entrepreneur, hypnotherapist, EFT Advanced Practitioneer and Trainer as well as Scandinavian Diet Master Coach.
With large numbers of satisfied clients at her Clinic in Oslo and having worked with the best in the field in the USA, the UK and Europe Victoria now offers her online diet programme.

Victoria Aase online coaching programme