The Scandinavian Diet

Eating Advice. If you follow this programme, you can expect to lose 1 - 2 lbs per week, depending upon on how few carbohydrates you eat.

Try out the frequency of meals that suits you best and remember it is important to eat carbohydrates with a low GI and to increase the amount of fat in your diet. This is the key to a healthy lifestyle.


Some Frequently Asked Questions



Eating fat stimulates fat burning. The more fat we eat, the more fat we burn.

It is important that we do not eat sugar at the same time as fat.

If you combine fat and sugar, you will gain weight.

It is true that many doctors believe that man is like a steam engine - calories in and calories out and thus the answer to weight loss is to count and reduce calories.

They have been taught this during their training and that is why they find it difficult to help their obese patients.

No. You have to be strong enough to resist today's prejudices against natural fats. You also need to be stubborn enough to stick to the diet even though other people tell you that what you are doing is wrong.

It depends on how much weight you need and want to lose.

If you need to loose 8 stone (50 kg), it will take about a year to regain your healthy weight.

That's a bad idea.

A healthy body does not want junk food. If you go back to junk food you will become fat and unhealthy again.

You may have jumped right into a 'strict' version of the diet and your brain is screaming for sugar.

Read the books again or join the coaching program. A gradual transition is much less difficult.

For those who eat to lose weight, calories are unimportant.

Eat when you're hungry. Eat at a leisurely pace and stop eating when not hungry anymore. It really is as simple as that.

It is a good model for naturally slim people to maintain a healthy weight.

For obese people wanting to lose weight, it is recommended to eat as few carbohydrates as possible, even if they have low GI score.

The Scandinavian Diet can help you regain your health and remember that your blood glucose can be normalized very quickly.

Consult your doctor before you change your diet.

No, it's actually just the opposite. There are studies to confirm this.

No. In fact, the liver produces cholesterol itself in large quantities, and ingesting cholesterol means only that the liver itself does not need to produce as much. Cholesterol is useful and neccesary for your body.

If you want to know more about cholesterol, you should read The Great Cholesterol Con by Dr Malcolm Kendrick.

If you want to enjoy a glass of wine that's fine but it is best to drink at the end of a meal.

It is also better to have several glasses on one day than one every day, when it comes to losing weight.

Forget the Beer – Beer will cause your blood-sugar to spike faster than cane sugar!