The Scandinavian Diet Authors

Sten Sture Skademan

Sten Sture Skaldeman

With serious weight and related health issues and, following his doctor's advice Sten Skaldeman tried different diets ending up hungry, tired and heavier than before.

Weighing in at almost 300 lbs (23 stone) and at the pre-stage of diabetes and having "tried everything" he decided to go straight against his doctor and "eat himself to death". His calorie intake was doubled, but he cared only for what kind of food he was eating, focusing on what he liked: natural foods, rich in proteins and fats like bacon, eggs, butter and double cream. Skaldeman lost over 140 lbs. (10 stone) in 2 years, returning him to health and giving him his life back.

Without realising it in the beginning, he had stumbled over an ancient and healthy way of eating, only backed by a fringe of people on the internet — eating what we are designed to eat.

Dr Sofie Hexeberg

Dr Sofie Hexeberg

This famous Norwegian physician worked in the Norwegian Medicines Agency (NMA) as a debate about bread, potatoes and GI (Glycemic Index) was raging in the media. She got curious and wanted to investigate the matter herself.

She quit her job at the NMA and has since treated numerous patients and become one of the founding members of the Society of Dietary Reform to Alleviate Diabetes. Dr Hexeberg is now a best-selling author, a nutritional-theoretical heavyweight and a leading figure in the "fat-war".

Lars-Erik Litsfeldt

Lars-Erik Litsfeldt

At the age of 43, Lars-Erik was diagnosed with diabetes type-2. He was overweight, his health was deteriorating and his doctor immediately put him on a low-fat diet to make him lose weight.

After 6 months, he had lost only 4–6 lbs. and also suffered a heart-attack — he was finally ready to stop trusting the mainstream dietary advice and took matters into his own hands. Researching low-carb online he changed his diet and, 4 years later, his weight was ideal and he has yet to notice any symptoms of diabetes.